Charlotte Morgan 

Lifestyle entrepreneur enjoying everyday life. Estate Agent Owner and Social Marketer.

Hello & Welcome to my 'life in one!'


My name is Charlotte Morgan and first things first, I have a beautiful  husband,  family and of course my gorgeous dog Jackson.  I love property and sharing my thoughts on the local property market. I have been an estate agent for 10 years and opened my own estate agency in 2015.


Running and owning a busy agency has let me meet many wonderful new people. I would like to say I have become more and more entrepreneurial.  I just love learning about business, marketing and personal growth.


Learning about growing a business,  instead of just being employed in one, has led me to another part of my life.  An exciting business venture within health wellness and social marketing. I just love make up, skin care - well who doesn’t!  And now nutrition (never thought I'd be saying that!)  

In this blog, I want share an insight into my life with you,  my thoughts and everything I learn along the way. 


I'm excited and I really hope you enjoy.


Its great to meet you.


Charlotte xx

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