• Charlotte Morgan

Is Your Bedroom Putting Buyers Off

Updated: May 25, 2018

The bedroom is a personal space

and believe it or not has a huge influence on how buyers think about your home. You want to maximise space so the room can look as large as possible. Using patterns, florals and bold colours will make the room look smaller. You want your bedroom to look fresh, light and bright. To get this look use warm neutral shades. The bed should be positioned so that is doesn’t block the door or window. Remove any junk from the top of the wardrobe and put away any clothes you have left lying around.

It is always worth investing in new bed linen but if you don’t want the added expense make sure it is clean and ironed. Add some finishing touches with a picture, scented candles, cushions and perhaps a throw folded neatly at the end of the bed. Make sure if you are showing your property off in the evening the lighting is effective. Light bedside lamps instead of the ceiling lights. Clean and make sure all lightbulbs are working. Lighting candles will create a relaxing ambience.

Here are some of my top tips to create an irresistible bedroom-
  1. Paint walls with warm neutral colours, strong colours can overwhelm buyers and could put them off.

  2. Thin down items and clear any clutter. This room is okay to display a few personal photos.

  3. Replace any worn out carpet with new. If your floorboards are in good condition you could sand and paint and invest in an accent rug

  4. Show of your bright window and create a feature with attractive colour co-ordinated curtains.

  5. Arrange the room to show It off with maximising its light and layout to create space.

  6. Fresh new bed linen will give the impression you care for your home.

  7. Transform your junk room into the second bedroom. Make sure you put the bed in there. You can find one on second hand sites or even hire one.

  8. Remove the smell of any pet odour in your bedroom. You may love your fury friend in the bedroom but your buyers may now.

  9. Add ambience in to your room with scented candles and fresh flowers.

  10. Check all your lighting works and the shades and bulbs are clean

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