• Charlotte Morgan

It's Time to Get Organised

Updated: May 25, 2018

Spring is just around the corner and now is the time where we start to look at spring cleaning and organising ourselves, just in time to enjoy the tulips and daffs. I’d like to say I am organised but I do have my ‘messy days’

I was at a local networking group this week and the speaker was talking about being organised in business.

So, I thought I’d share with you some top tips that were mentioned to getting yourself organised this spring.

Being organised doesn’t just happen once, it needs to become a habit (something I do struggle with) but I have to admit I am getting better!

First things first - Let's look at your computer. Do you switch it on and become swamped with icons on your desktop. If so it’s time for a clear up!

Create two desktop files one for ‘personal’ and one for ‘business’ start working your way through. Later you can then divide what is in your personal and business folders into other separate folders.

You will feel automatically organised by clearing your desktop. Remember to put a great picture that really motivates you as your background desktop photo.

Download straight into your folder of choice – When downloading files from emails and websites set your settings to automatically ask you to confirm what folder you would like to save the file under. This will free up storage space in your downloads folder and keep things neat and tidy as you go.

Emails- It is OK to press DELETE!

Keep your main inbox as your to-do list. When that email is completed delete the email or file the email into a separate folder. You could have 3 email addresses one for personal, one for business and one for when you have to give your email address out shopping.

Looking through your marketing inbox when you have time could be fun to see what offers and discounts you receive but doing this on your own terms and not clogging up your own inbox will save you time.

Let's talk about paper….

So you have piles and piles of pieces of paper floating around you need to sort but where do you start!

Well, a little like your files on your computer. Start with putting the paper into two piles ‘personal’ and ‘business’ then you can go from there. Most things can be stored on your computer but if you just can’t quite get rid of paper why not file things in lever arch files with dividers.

Receipts can be filed in the same way in date order or you can use various receipt mobile phone apps which allow you to take a photo of the receipts and you can then just throw them away.

Did you know if you work on your accounts for just ½ hour per week, that is 3 business days in a year.

Stay organised and you won't have to take weeks off just to meet your accounting deadlines!

Finally… The post-it note!

Personally, I don’t use them and I would rather log a note in a notepad or on my computer. They are good temporarily but that’s all, the sticky never last and they are so easy to lose. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the post it!?

Being organised and having a system does not have to be scary. But being organised will help you action tasks quicker, get more done and even make more money.

If you need help with your organisation you could always get some outside help to really set you up and on your way.

Need help getting organised? Email me charlotte@perrenproperty.co.uk and i'll put you in touch with some super duper ultra organised people who can help you.


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