• Charlotte Morgan

Springboard Tenants into Your Property

Spring is here and the letting market is still as buoyant as ever with large amounts of tenants searching for their next home.

But a busy lettings market has made some properties lose their sparkle. If your property is struggling to attract tenants then some changes need to happen. Here are my 4 steps to showcase your property and springboard tenants into your investment.

Presentation- First impressions are everything. When you visit your empty investment, ask yourself these following questions (remember to answer honestly!)

• Your front and back garden- is it tidy and free of weeds?

• Has the post been cleared from the doormat?

• Is your properties décor to a good standard and clean inside?

• Would you move in tomorrow?

Remember viewers will look in everything- wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and even the oven. If it’s dirty and full of the last tenant’s crumbs it may just put them off.

An empty property is hard enough to visualise without furniture so creating a clean light space will help the property feel warm and inviting.

Photography- If you have poor quality photographs you will not attract any enquiries. You may have been doing some DIY in between tenancies, which is great. But on the day of photos clear away any tools, brushes and paints, clean the windows and make your photos fabulous.

Description- The words used to describe your rental home could be the difference between a tenant booking a viewing or ignoring your property. We live in a fast and busy world therefore the description shouldn’t be too long but the correct words need to be used to encourage tenants to pick up the phone and want to see more.

Be viewing ready- Most of the time during viewings your rental property will be empty. Make sure you discuss with your agent, if you require them to look after and maintain the property during this time and keep it in immaculate condition. Let your agent hold keys if you are not always around to open the door.

I hope these points will put a spring back in your properties step. If not then drop me an email at charlotte@perrenproperty.co.uk

I’d love to hear from you and see if I can help showcase your property and find your ideal tenant.

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