• Charlotte Morgan

Swimming Pools Who is Responsible, Landlord or Tenant?

Being a landlord can be tough enough with many rules and regulation hoops to jump through. Renting a property which has a pool is a great feature but as a landlord, you do have responsibilities.

If your tenanted property has a swimming pool you need to make sure the agreement clearly confirms who is responsible.

Normally you would be responsible for maintaining the pump, filter and any equipment or machinery.

The tenant would usually be responsible for keeping the water in good condition and paying for any adding of chemicals. However, the cost of any commissioning or decommissioning during the season would usually be the cost of the landlord.

Prior to any tenancy start, a legionnaires report and risk assessment would need to be done.

If you have any swimming pool or hot tub as part of your properties tenancy I would strongly advise fencing the area and make it as safe as possible for your tenants.

To avoid any misunderstanding make sure correct information and maintenance instructions are outlined at the very beginning and the agreement is clear.

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