• Charlotte Morgan

Tenants and Your Wooden Kitchen Worktops

Updated: May 25, 2018

I quite often come across wooden worktops in rented properties. So it prompted me to make this weeks blog about natural surfaces.

Natural surfaces really do add a beautiful warmth to your kitchen. However, they really do need extra care and teaching your tenants the correct way to maintain the worktops.

Wooden worktops do need more care than other types of surfaces if you haven’t installed your worktop in your rental property yet I would advise perhaps looking at a lower maintenance surface.


Oiling is important to maintain a long worktop life. Sand your work top down and add layers of oil (I recommend Danish oil.)

Remember lots of lighter coats work better than thicker coats.

If the worktop is new it will need to be oiled regularly and I suggest monthly to start with then three monthly, six monthly then if your worktop is looking in good condition you can leave it a bit longer.

You also want to prevent any water sitting on the surface as much as possible.

So how do you make sure your tenant looks after your wooden worktop?

Firstly I would advise your agent telling the tenants on the viewing just what maintenance is involved and confirming if they are happy to take responsibility for the worktop. Then you can put an extra clause in the agreement.

However, you want to make sure the worktop is maintained correctly, using the correct oils and not over sanding.

Let's be honest we are not all DIY superstars and shouldn’t expect our tenants to be either.

So I would suggest your maintenance man/women do it and visit as required to ensure it is done correctly. You can discuss access arrangements with the tenant prior to them taking on the property

Wood needs care, so just be aware!

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